If I were Mother Karen, I would leave Mikey. He loves Don more than family.

Speechless.   Just speechless.    According to CNN, Mike Pence is starting a PAC to defend Donald Trump’s record and they remain close friends.

What in the world?  Some man incites a mob, a former boss, hunts me and not just me but my family, screaming down the halls of congress, Hang em high.

They erect a hangman’s noose and this same mob are calling me a traitor and my family is huddled away in some location knowing that former boss did nothing and did not even check on me or my family?  Oh yeah, I would be so packed and gone you could only catch dust of my fast departure.

What a spineless coward.  One can forgive a person but never associate with them again.   That to me is acceptable.   ( He claims he is religious).  What is not acceptable is putting the entire family at risk and not cutting off that person completely and in my case, I would go looking for them and not with a box of brownies.  That is insanity.  Mother, so worried about losing Mike to another woman but gladly hands him over to Trump, the man who tried to kill him and his kids.

 Trump put Mike Pence’s family and Mikey in extreme danger.  He in return kisses his ass.  The mind is boggled.  He must have drank the whole gallon of kool aid but I wouldn’t stick around to see who is successful next time.   Fool me once.

Mother is coming in second to Don the Con. She and  the kids ..somewhere left behind in danger.

I guess Mikey has a suicide wish but Mother Karen, does she?  My God, what’s next, apologizing for not being compliant on his hanging wish?  Dude….you said you gave your life to Jesus, not an orange man from Queens.  Maybe you think they are one and the same.   THEY AREN’T.  The Church of Don.  Good Grief, we have a new religion.


  • February 24, 2021