If I Was Senator Amy Klobuchar, I Would Tell George Will, “NO THANKS!”

I listened to Never Trumper George Will come out for Senator Amy Klobuchar for the Democratic nominee for President.  Crooks and Liars has this video to this august event.  My unsolicited advice to Senator Klobuchar is tell Will to go “Fuck Off!”

Let me add a few more reasons why Senator Amy Klobuchar should go tell George Will to “Fuck Off!”  She won’t because she is Minnesota nice.  But before she might think about being gracious, here are a few of George Will’s greatest hits:

The list goes on and on.  

Frankly, I think that Klobuchar is too nice and doesn’t have the ruthlessness to take on Trump and the Republicans.  I could be wrong, but every time I have seen her on TV, she is one of those Democrats who is always trying to reach across the aisle.

And we can all see how well that has worked in the last 10 years.

Note to fellow Kossacks:  I’m done with reaching across the aisle, and I mistrust any Democrat who still pushes this outdated message.  It clearly demonstrates that any Democrat pushing this line has bad poltical judgement  or does not learn from recent history.

I suspect that if asked about Will Klobuchar will ignore any questions about how she feels about getting his support.  But Will is doing no favor to Klobuchar with her fellow Democrats.  The natural reaction from Democrats will be, “If George Will likes her, there must be something wrong with Klobuchar.”

Which may be why Will is saying anything at all about any potential Democratic candidate.  George Will is no friend to Democrats and certainly not to progressives.  Would he like to hurt a Democrat running for president?  YES!  Senator Klobuchar should treat George Will and other Never Trumpers as Trojan Horses.  Leave that gift on the beach or burn it down.