If congress fails on climate action, it would be like Trump pulling us out of the Paris accord again

Donald Trump

Democratic voters are depressed, demoralized, and tuning out — and there's no use in denying it. Amanda Marcotte

In a couple of weeks, the world will come together in Glasgow, Scotland, in what is yet another attempt for worldwide action to attempt to prevent planetwide devastation trajectory we have yet to slow down as a result of decades of inaction.

The U.N Climate Change Conference, a/k/a the Conference of the Parties (COP 26), is the 26th year that the vast majority of the world’s nations come together and attempt to agree on how to move forward. By any standard, this year’s climate emergency is a preview of how deadly the emergency has become, and the consequences that await us are too horrifying to contemplate. 

We know that devastating impacts are inevitable, and no matter what we do, we are boned. If we chose to be less boned, some of what is left on earth could be saved by immediate action to slow down the impacts of sea-level rise, drought, and heat so brutal that it could kill millions within years.

We also know that people are becoming demoralized by so many looming catastrophes. As the Capital Weather Gang in their headline, An upcoming climate summit is supposed to save the planet. But pessimism is building.

“Pessimism is building” is an understatement as we witness two Democratic Senators joining republicans shanking a dagger into the heart of the climate fight. I would identify them by name, but I don’t want another diary highjacked again by the Leave Brittany Alone snowflakes. 

The reconciliation bill is a climate bill. Manchin demands the Democrats eliminate the Clean Electricity Performance Program. No climate, no deal for his infrastructure bill that showers the fossil fuel industry with all kinds of goodies. 

  • October 16, 2021