January 22, 2021

The Politicus

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If Andrew Yang catches fire he would be hard to beat.

I cannot believe I am saying this as a Bernie Sanders & Elizabeth Warren supporter. I have been scoping Andrew Yang for some time now and there’s something he brings no one else brings.

Andrew Yang does belong on the stage (Funny but prescient)

As an engineer, I share an affinity with Yang numbers-based approach. In fact, he wears a math pin on his collar. One may think that because he does not straight out support Medicare For All that Medicare for All proponents will not give him a hearing. That is not the case because what we are looking for is a humane outcome not only in healthcare but in every socio-economic-justice case.

His paper “A New Way Forward For Healthcare In America” is an important and comprehensive read on healthcare.” While he does not support Bernie Sanders’ version of Medicare for All, after reading his paper, I see symbiosis.

I decided to spend some time at Andrew Yang’s website. To be clear, I am just starting. Suffice it to say, I like what I see. He has joined Sanders and Warren as candidates I can live with and trust to carry the progressive message even if different.