I have never seen such stupidity and idiot leadership in one country in my life.      Do I have faith in the American people to wear a mask and social distance?  Hell No.  They don’t have sense enough to believe science and truth.  They only believe if they get hit with fines.  

Densantis is an absolute failure.  He couldn’t get his website for unemployment up.  He couldn’t do crap without consulting the Orange man in charge and instead he is opening beaches and applauding a convention with no social distancing.

He will be a one termer.  He doesn’t get that anything Trump touches, dies.   Magically disappear?

Really?    Taking tests is not the problem with rising cases.   If I never took a pregnancy test, it wouldn’t mean a baby wouldn’t pop out about 7 months later.  ( If I were child bearing age but you get the idea).

On my goodness listen to the Trump girls in Palm Beach…over mask wearing..

Citizens Arrrest…. OMG… Facepalm.  The clip is below.

Of course the Mortician was down here yesterday and he praised Florida.  I am beginning to think this bunch really wants to kill us all off.   A guy running for state legislator, who is a doctor mind you…thinks wearing a mask would do no good because people would not wear it properly.  This is a Citrus county elected officical.  I would not let this guy look at an ingrown toe nail.…

As the coronavirus pandemic turns more bleak both in Citrus County and throughout Florida, Rep. Ralph Massullo, R-Lecanto thinks that the decision about mandatory use of masks and social distancing is best decided by individual counties and cities.

Massullo, who is running for a third term in the Florida House of Representatives, said he backs Gov. Ron DeSantis in letting local elected governments decide about mandatory masks and allow people to decide for themselves about the precautions they want to take.

But the dermatologist was quick to add that he thinks people should wear masks and keep social distancing, but that it should “be left up to the individual.”

Individuals like this?  This happened in Palm Beach…….and it would be the same in Citrus but the mask issue will not come up here.  Even the commissioners in this county don’t believe in them.

Look at this clip…OMG.  Anti maskers in Florida at Palm Beach.

 This dude has a democratic challenger…..Vote for the Dem.…

Here is the Dem challenger.   Dushyant Gosai (D)

We have a challenger in every district in Florida and many many VETS.  

Please go here and pick one, two or three and support them

Another challenger we need to keep our eye on is a veteran running in the Villages District.  Her friends call her Dee.
District 33 is running this fine Vet and she is a veteran running in The Villages
We need to vote Dems into Florida immediately .  
Go here and pick a Dem candidate to help Florida which does help the rest of the country because Desantis needs to be brought into  check.  We can only do it by overriding his vetos and getting dems in the majority.
Pick a candidate…..AND SUPPORT THEM.


I was born in North Carolina and raised in Clinton and Columbia South Carolina.  I lived in poverty, often with no electricity, water or indoor plumbing.  Often, I did not know where I would lay my head down at night.  At the age of 12, my life changed forever.  I was sent to live in a Methodist children’s home and lived there until the age of 18.  This move opened a world of opportunity for me that I would not have otherwise had.

I am an Air Force Veteran.  I met and married my husband, Kenneth Melvin, at my first duty station.  Ken is also an Air Force Veteran.  Between us, we have over 60 years of service to our country.  I am happy to say we have been married for 42 wonderful years.  I retired from the Air Force at Patrick Air Force Base in Florida in 2007.

While in the Air Force I took full advantage of the GI Bill and graduated with honors from Bellevue College in Bellevue, Nebraska with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration.

We have lived in Florida since 1998 and in The Villages since 2014.

In the meantime, we have a pandemic running wild, beaches open, no mask mandate and a convention of nuts coming to Jax.   

STAY HOME…..WEAR A MASK……AND VOTE THIS STATE BLUE.    It is becoming a survival quest and what happens in Florida will work it’s way North and all across America because….people love the Mickey Mouse more than Grandma

Florida nutjobs…who vote republican… Who would have thought?  They believe in choice…. They cherry pick choice like they cherrypick God.

It would be worse here in Citrus……But I would fight that battle toe to toe  against the anti maskers if they decide to mandate masks here but they won’t.

Florida was not always this dumb but then neither was America.   

That Karen sounded just like Gomer Pyle in Citizens Arrest…….A comedy show in the 60’s.   

  • July 3, 2020