The media should set an example for public discourse. No, I do not mean shaping a monolith of Democratic or Republican philosophy, we have that now. Two questions need to be asked of a guest before any interview with a public official or passing the sweet potatoes at the Thanksgiving dinner table (if you dare). The first question; did Joe Biden win the presidential election, and two; is Covid-19 real? If the man or woman you question, answers one of these questions “no” walk away. If he or she answers “no” to both questions, run away. These are not questions that go to one’s political ideology or view of the world, it goes to the question of reasonable sanity and idolatry. Time after time we have seen proof of the perils of the dangerous practice of suspending one’s belief to the devotion of a cause or most recently a man.  

Ashli Babbitt swore allegiance to the United States government when she joined the air force. She renounced that oath by taking part in an insurrection and was shot and killed amongst a mob of window-breaking rioters bent on overturning a legal election. Literally, she was attempting to crawl through a window, arguably to hold captive, or kill legislators voting to confirm the election of Joseph R. Biden as President of the United States. Ms. Babbitt was not a resident of Washington, DC, she traveled 3,000 miles to act on her delusions. Speaking of crawling, Floyd Roseberry was reduced to crawling on his hands and knees in surrender after threatening to blow himself up and a portion of Washington, DC. Roseberry was also not a resident of DC,  he drove hundreds of miles from North Carolina to the seat of government. One of his demands was that Joe Biden resign. Mr. Roseberry felt—his failed delusions—would be the first shot in the second revolution, “The revolution is on, it’s here, it’s today,” he said. “America needs a voice. I’ll give it to them,” said Roseberry.

Lest you think this year is just an isolated snapshot of the brewing terrorism in America’s bubbling political vat of unrest, it is not. Cesar Sayoc, in 2015, was accused and eventually convicted of sending packages of explosive materials to prominent Democratic politicians Reps. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), among others, and of course GOP bogeyman billionaire George Soros. Sayoc once threatened to kill a public utility worker in a bombing worse “than 9/11” in his words.  

These people have waved their ideological flags of violent revolution for years and America keeps describing them as loners and detached malcontents. Well, about 8,000 of them showed up at the Capitol on January 6, with the promise of more in a rally to support their brethren in September, labeled as ‘Justice for J6.’ We were warned of the nation’s impending turn to fascism early in the Obama administration, “Right-wing extremists will attempt to recruit and radicalize returning veterans in order to exploit their skills and knowledge derived from military training and combat,” experts in the Department of Homeland Security wrote in 2009. “These skills and knowledge have the potential to boost the capabilities of extremists – including lone wolves or small terrorist cells – to carry out violence.”  The right-wing of course immediately cried foul. Republicans claimed Democrats were targeting veterans and patriots as disloyal. A reprise of the examination of domestic terrorism faced the same resistance when former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder warned again of white extremists groups. As part of the Republican efforts to knock down the report, Glenn Beck said,  ”This regime is now justifiably terrified that attempts to overthrow them and re-establish our constitutional government and the rule of law may occur…” said the talker about the Obama administration. Republicans and their cohorts are such obvious projectionists, all we need do is listen to respond.  

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