ICE deportation squads demand 45K masks as nurses have to make their own


In the final days of World War II, when the Allies were surrounding Germany and even landed in France, Hitler diverted critical and increasingly shrinking military resources to accelerate the deportation of Jews to concentration camps. The hatred he had for them overruled any kind of logic.

Incredibly, targeted raids on immigrant communities haven’t halted. Donald Trump, who refers to immigrants as “vermin” and “snakes”, coupled with white nationalist Stephen Miller’s personal hatred for brown people, have ensured that no matter what, the tearing up of immigrant families will continue.  

While vital government services continue to shut down, the CDC is advising nurses to “wear scarves and bandannas” if they can’t find masks—admitting that is well below US standards of care.  Hospital chains, like Deaconess, are begging the public to sew their healthcare providers masks. Complete moron Donald Trump, in violation of every standard, is telling them to just reuse old masks

Meanwhile, the ICE is demanding 45,000 N95 masks for their ERO field offices.

ERO means Enforcement and Removal:



Democrats in Congress need to be screaming their damn heads off about this. If this order is filled ahead of nurses, doctors, and pretty much anyone else, we need to put this front and center every day until this crisis is over. 

As always, Democrats are trying to help, while the GOP is trying to help themselves. Senate Democrats are demanding Trump actually utilize the Defense Production Act, which he said he would but later backtracked on. GOP Senators cashed in

On the local level, a Democratic activist has organized people in my community to sew masks for hospital workers, while Trump supporters have been selfishly hoarding.

There is no excuse for this. None. The attacks on our citizens and common decency won’t stop with the GOP cult, because they don’t know how. I’m done trying to reason with them. All we can do is what we must do–remove them from power.

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