Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Bob Casey, Jr. (D. PA) in support of Theresa Greenfield’s (D. IA) U.S. Senate campaign:

Theresa Greenfield (D. IA)

This is huge: We're now one point away from flipping Iowa — one of just four states we need to flip to win back the Senate majority.

A new poll from Public Policy Polling shows Senator Joni Ernst's huge lead has evaporated, and Democrat Theresa Greenfield is just one point from the lead, well within the margin of error.

Over the last year, our team has reached out repeatedly to ask you to invest in this critical race. Now it's clear what a huge difference your support has already made in this campaign. With this shift in the race forecast, we know that President Trump, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and all their dark-money allies will do whatever they can to take back the lead.

Democrat Theresa Greenfield can win in Iowa if you help keep her momentum going. Chip in $13 right now to help us flip this seat — and the Senate.

Since the last election, Bob and his colleagues have introduced ambitious proposals to protect our democracy, strengthen Social Security, and make sure every American has access to health care. House Democrats have passed hundreds of bills of their own that are also waiting for Senate action.

Unfortunately, they're all being held hostage on Mitch McConnell's desk while he advances President Trump's corporate agenda. He's even obstructed proposals that would give support to state and local governments and small businesses struggling to survive during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our best chance to break through the logjam is to flip the Senate and kick Mitch McConnell out of the Majority Leader’s office — and winning Iowa is one critical piece of the puzzle.

People like you have already brought Theresa Greenfield's team closer than ever to victory, but in the midst of this pandemic, they need your support as they rewrite their campaign plan and prepare for a tidal wave of attack ads from special interests and super PACs.

Pitch in right now to ensure Theresa Greenfield has the resources to build on her momentum and help win a Democratic Senate majority in November.

Thank you,

Team Casey

Click here to donate to Greenfield’s campaign.

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