Received this e-mail from the Iowa Democratic Party:

Six years ago today, Senator Joni Ernst made us a promise: she would “make Washington squeal.” But once she got to Washington, she turned her loyalties to Mitch McConnell and her special interest backers – and only made it that much tougher for Iowans.

So today, we are launching our first ad campaign of this election to hold Senator Ernst accountable!

WATCH: IDP New Ad – “Making Iowans Squeal”

Plain and simple, Senator Ernst has not fought for us.

Ernst put her political career first by giving a leg up to powerful corporations – green-lighting tens of billions in special interest handouts that exploded our deficit to over $1 trillion. She led efforts to end the Affordable Care Act and gut coverage protections for pre-existing conditions. And she's working behind closed doors to undermine Iowans' hard-earned retirement.

After Ernst's five failed years, Washington's big spenders aren't squealin'. Iowans are.

Senator Ernst's re-election campaign is more vulnerable than ever – she's not going to be easy to defeat, but we can do it together. Help elect a new senator who will fight for us!

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