IA-04: DFA Goes All In To Help J.D. Scholten (D) Beat Trump's Favorite White Nationalist GOPer

Received this e-mail today from Democracy for America in support of J.D. Scholten’s (D. IA-04) campaign:

J.D. Scholten (D. IA-04) campaigning with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I. VT)

Endorsement alert!

In 2018, Democracy for America strongly supported Democrat J.D. Scholten, who narrowly lost to Republican incumbent Steve King in Iowa’s 4th congressional district. Now, J.D. wants a rematch in 2020, and we just officially endorsed him.

A native son of Iowa, J.D. was inspired to run for Congress when his grandmother asked him to return to the family farm and take care of the community. After her death, he answered her call to action and ran for office to serve his state. Iowa farmers and residents need J.D. We all need J.D. to rid the Congress of Steve King.

Rush a split contribution of $5 or whatever you can to DFA and J.D.’s campaign to kick out a long-term conservative incumbent and turn Iowa blue in 2020 »

Here’s the thing: Steve King is white nationalists’ favorite member of Congress.

He is the epitome of the growing acceptance of racism and white supremacy in Washington. Not only has he retweeted neo-Nazis on multiple occasions and spouted bigoted beliefs — he literally told the New York Times “White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization — how did that language become offensive?” — but he’s also been embraced by the notorious neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer as “one of their own.” They said he’s “basically a white nationalist at this point,” and they consider that a good thing.

Somehow, King has remained in Congress for the past 15 years despite his clear hatred for people of color and immigrants. With the spread of dangerous white nationalism and growing domestic terrorism targeting non-white communities, we need to do whatever it takes to stand up to hate and kick racists’ and neo-Nazis’ favorite member of Congress out of office for good.

And J.D. has what it takes to do it. In 2018, he lost by merely 2,500 votes, or 3 points, in a district that Donald Trump won by 27 points in 2016. That’s a razor-thin margin in one of the most conservative congressional districts in the country, showing the power of his grassroots campaign.

Not only will J.D. combat hate but he will be an advocate for affordable healthcare, stand up for working families and farmers, and be a true representative of ALL the people of Iowa.

Let’s send Steve King, Donald Trump, and the white nationalists a message that words have consequences, and hate belongs nowhere in our country, especially not in our nation’s capital.

Pitch in $5 or more right now to show your support for DFA and J.D. as we work to finally flip this deep red House seat blue and kick a white nationalist out of Congress.

Thanks for standing with us on the right side of history,


Mondale Robinson, Political Director
Democracy for America

Click here to donate to Scholten’s campaign.

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