I will never trust republicans of any “type”.

I try to keep out of American politics  as I have been an expat for over half my life [passed that milestone last month] and just don't understand it anymore. I haven’t written anything anywhere for more than three years on any subject to do with the US.

However, that said, as before the last election I have another warning. I see the Republican Party trying to run away from Trump e.g. the Lincoln Project amongst many all in a desperate effort to try and save their puerile conclave. For the last four years I have watched their representatives cling leech like to his buttocks even going as far as to try and ram through Judge Dredd to SCOTUS, then a few pipe-up to try and save their bacon.

  • They have never believed in science [re: Climate Change, Mass Extinction and Pollution].
  • They have continually promoted race based voter suppression [Southern Strategy].
  • They have always promoted undemocratic capitalism over and beyond democratic society [Citizens United].
  • They are firm proponent of flood up economics or trickle down as some still call it [re: Socialism for the rich after the last banking fuck-up].

I could go on and on but you get the point perhaps?

Republicans support Trump they just don’t like the plain language, but for Covid-19 they would have got away with it, They don’t like experts [just ask Fauci] until the smacked in the face with facts they will deny.

I don’t trust Republicans full stop. Their agenda is always the same.