Warren in Seattle

“I Went Over to City Hall This Afternoon and Voted for Elizabeth Warren for President”

Charles P. Pierce from Esquire made it clear today who he was voting for:

In 2016, I decided to make it a custom here at the shebeen to reveal the candidate for whom I voted in the Democratic primary election because a) I think it’s right to be transparent about such things, especially in a format dedicated primarily to opinion, and b) because why the hell not? (I did not do this in 2012, the shebeen’s first presidential election, because there was no primary campaign to speak of.) In 2016, I voted for Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton because his views on most issues were closer to my own and because, I’m sorry, bragging about your friendship with Henry Kissinger always is a deal-breaker with me if I have other options. Which I did not have in the general election, so I voted for Hillary Rodham Clinton over Donald Trump because I am not a moron. Since I will be Super Tuesday-ing elsewhere, I opted for early voting. So I went over to City Hall this afternoon and voted for Elizabeth Warren for president.

The basics, first. I voted for her because I know her and her husband, Bruce Mann, and I like them very much. But, besides that, I think she is so obviously the right person for this particular moment in time that it’s almost not worthy of discussion. She has the right combination of righteous anger, uncompromising vision, and policy chops to meet the times ahead.

In addition, I admire how she has resolutely refused to be the suicide bomber dispatched to blow up the Sanders campaign on behalf of some bed-wetting Republican exiles and a bunch of Democratic moderates who have proven to be inadequate to the task of running against each other, let alone Sanders. (By the way, Joe Biden is beginning to slip, visibly, and not just in the polls, either.) I respect the fact that, as we learned over the weekend, she scared the hell out of Michael Bloomberg long before she handed him his freshly extracted viscera the other night. (She also makes Mark Zuckerberg nervous, which is a very good thing.) I admire also her ability to see past the end of her nose and to recognize that, if she had managed to sink Sanders, she would be the next target of the people who hate the ideas they share and, for that matter, any progressive renaissance in the running of the country. So that’s what I did on Tuesday at noontime.

We need to keep up the momentum going into Super Tuesday. Working Families Party is working hard for Warren:

Last week on the debate stage, Elizabeth Warren set off a political earthquake — and we’re beginning to see the reverberations throughout the country.

Just check out some of the crowds that have turned out for Warren in the last few days:

Warren speaks to a crowd of over 7,000 in Seattle, with hundreds more in an overflow room

Warren in Denver

Warren speaks to an over-capacity crowd at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver

Before she takes the debate stage tonight for another showdown with Bloomberg, will you split a donation between Elizabeth Warren and the Working Families Party to help keep this momentum going?

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Since Elizabeth's debate performance last week:

Her fundraising has skyrocketed — raising $9 million in the 3 days after the debate and over $21 million this month!

Her crowds are beyond capacity — with thousands showing up to her rallies in Seattle and Denver.

Her support is growing — with canvass launches seeing a HUGE increase in volunteers.

And she’s moved up to second place in a new national poll too!1

And while three-quarters of Nevadans voted early, before the debate, the campaign reports seeing a 50%+ increase in vote share on the day of the Nevada caucuses themselves.

Last week’s debate was the most watched Democratic primary debate EVER — no recent debate even comes close.2 And tonight, voters will have another chance to see Warren take on Bloomberg and show the country — again — that she’s the one to take on the billionaire class and defeat Trump in November.

Let’s show the naysayers and the pundit class that this movement is not going anywhere. Split a pre-debate donation between Elizabeth Warren and the Working Families Party to show that Warren has the momentum on her side.

In solidarity,

Working Families Party


1. Elizabeth Warren rose to 2nd place in a new national poll after the Las Vegas debate, The Week, February 24, 2020

2. Democrats Set a TV Ratings Record at Their Las Vegas Debate, The New York Times, February 20, 2020

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Along with the Progressive Change Campaign Committee:


BREAKING: CNN reports that audio has surfaced of Mike Bloomberg saying his presidential campaign platform would be to “defend the banks” and calling Elizabeth Warren and the progressive movement “scary.”

At the last debate, Warren absolutely dismantled Bloomberg — and voters loved it. She rocketed into 2nd place nationally in the 1st poll conducted entirely after the debate.

It's clear there is one progressive Bloomberg fears most — Elizabeth Warren. We'll get to see round two at the debate Tuesday as she takes him on for his record of defending Wall Street banks while being awful on race and gender.

Be sure to watch Tuesday at 8pm. (Consider forwarding this to your friends as an invite to watch with you!)

But don't wait for tomorrow to help power Warren to South Carolina and Super Tuesday. Please donate $20 to her campaign and our work to support her now.

Thanks for being a bold progressive.

— The PCCC Elections Team

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You can also click here to get involved with Warren’s campaign.

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