I Was Wrong

Although I hate to admit it.

My original postulation about how Trump would react to the election was seriously flawed.

I originally hypothesized that Trump would pull out canine interference in the Vote, in other words:

The dog ate my votes.

How misjudged was that? 

I totally screwed the pooch with that ignominious suggestion.

My new theory, as unfounded as his own by the way:

The dog ate my votes then shat them out as Biden votes, which were then counted by CATS posing as poll workers. Commie felines! That then copied them, I have seen tHeM! One here, look, the address reads, Fluffy @ the cupboard in the basement! This is HUGE! I ONE, cancel the election! It’s miNE!!!!

That works about as well as his latest madcap rant on Fox [another canine reference]

The whole world wanted me to lose!!

You’re right.

They sure did, apart from your equally ditsy base.

Someone warm up the padded cell, another client is on his way.