I Was Looking Up Some Information About Sheldon Adelson When I Came Upon This…

I’m not Jewish, so I’m not plugged into Jewish culture.  I’m just a boring, older white guy from the South.  But I couldn’t help but think of the anti-semitism of Trump and his supporters.  George Soros and several other big contributors to Democratic causes are being singled out as enemies, and I would not be surprised if Steyer and Bloomberg start receiving bombs in the mail.  And it is obvious that being a Jewish Democratic donor is a no no for Trump and his ilk. Then, I got to thinking about the recent news that Sheldon Adelson was going to pony up $50 million in cash to help Republicans keep the House.  I was doing a Google search to find out more, when I came across this article written by a name of Ben Faulding that calls out Jews who enable Trump.

I’m not familiar with Faulding’s writings or activities, but I think he makes some important points about the massacre in Pittsburgh:

It was an act of anti-Semitism and anti-immigrant nationalism that motivated the shooter, and one that, sadly, parts of the Jewish community have helped promote…

It’s not only Jewish leaders who had made this mistake. Caitlyn Jenner, one of the most high-profile transgender women in the country and also a lifelong Republican, made this mistake, too. She supported Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Only after three years of Trump’s demagoguery towards Blacks, Muslims, Immigrants, Mexicans, women, and the disabled, did Jenner finally revoke her support only after the Administration inevitably targeted trans people.

Jenner’s rebuke was not an act of defiance, but a revelation of depraved cowardice. She had watched silently for years as the people around her and people who escape her line of vision were openly attacked by Trump, both as a candidate and as President, only to protest when she was in the line of fire.

I think everyone has seen this dynamic in play, and also at the heart of someone like Jenner staying with Trump was money.  There are always those who are NOT part of the socially dominant group who will sellout their brothers and sisters for money or advancement.  Selfishness and greed in action.  It cuts across all lines.

Trump’s fellow casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, who has given millions to Trump and other GOP candidates, has supported —literally — Trump’s worst impulses...

If it hasn’t been clear before, it should be clear now: There is a reciprocal relationship between racism, anti-immigrant sentiment, white nationalism and anti-Semitism.

Trump has expressed racist sentiments explicitly and repeatedly. White nationalists have the implicit support of Trump and the explicit, out right support of many of his supporters. Anti-Semitism is a sentiment that Trump has touched upon in several of his tweets and in past statements.

But all bigotries are intimately connected. Supporting any one of those three bigotries gives de facto support to the other two, no matter how vociferously you disavow or condemn them.

You cannot be a cafeteria bigot.  “I will choose hating blacks and immigrants, but no one better put anti-semitism on my plate!”  Trump only likes wealthy white men who are WASPS or maybe Catholic.  Everyone else is expendable.

NOTE: I am not familiar with Ben Faulding’s work, so if I offend anyone, it was not my intention.  He just raised some salient points about human behavior in this article that I thought were timely.