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I’ve been a Warren supporter for a while now. (I also donated to Amy after NH.) She has smarts, she is feisty, she impresses the hell out of me on several levels. And while I’m not as progressive as she is, she presents her plans in ways that make sense. Plus, anyone who scares the Masters of the Universe the way she does has to be good.

Still, come March 2, I may . . . vote for Bernie.

Bernie is not my first choice. Nor my last. But I think he comes across as too extreme (and to some extent he is), he definitely comes across as angry. In fact, in his anger and his sense of entitlement, his projection that he knows best, he is a little bit (a very  little bit) like Trump of the left. I’m also not happy with the way he becomes a “Democrat of convenience”  every 4 years. That may sell in Vermont, but it’s not so attractive nationwide. I don't like how he was the only candidate who wouldn’t agree to support a nominee who didn’t come to the convention with a plurality. And finally, I worry about his health.

I do think he can beat Trump, if we all pull behind him. And we are all agreed to pull behind whoever wins the nomination, even (cough, gag) Bloomberg. (Though I’m less worried about that at the moment.)

What I’m more concerned with, right now, is a brokered convention which leaves everyone unsatisfied and which will be exploited by Trump and the Russians to further divide us. Our last brokered convention was in 1952, and we lost. (Granted, probably Eisenhower would have won regardless.) My point is that we need to be united, and fast; we need to be committed, and now; we need to be willing to work wholeheartedly for whoever the nominee is. One part of getting to that place is having a defined and definite nominee before the convention.

And yes, I am factoring in the probability that Russian/GOP trolls are feeding the narrative that if Bernie doesn’t get it, he’ll have been robbed, again, and Bernie supporters should stay home, again. But at some point even trolling becomes a self-fulfilling narrative. Will a Bernie who came close but lost really put his heart into helping someone else? He is, as I said, an angry man.

I’m not yet at the point of ceding the race to Bernie; there’s still Nevada and South Carolina before Super Tuesday. And I don’t like expediency above ideals. But if we don’t take actions this time that are expedient even if distasteful this time, there won’t be a next time.

So. You are invite to contribute to the confusion.

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