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I voted for by far the lesser bullsh1t

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Admittedly I had a choice of two

  • The snake-oil-salesman from New York Crazy Uncle Snowflake
  • Joe Biden

I certainly didn’t vote for the narcissistic sociopath/psychopath whose idea of a hard days work is cheating at golf followed by a twitter meltdown about how everyone is mean to him.

Now during this ultimate bullshit season both parties are guilty but there is an ever so slight difference:

  • One is spreading the manure by hand on the roses.
  • The other is using a steam powered muck spreader covering all in sight.

Once again we are worried about a few states and everyone else is taken for granted, admittedly if Vermont falls into enemy hands this time then get out the white flags and look for the nearest exit.

I was watching the anointment of Justice Dread last night, thankfully it wasn’t in the nihilist redesigned  Rose Garden that quite frankly makes me want to weep. An originalist who somehow can read the intentions of white men [and only white men] some quarter of a millennium ago. The only answer to any  questions was something along the lines of “I am the Lawr [sic]”. Some scary shit right there.

There is one hell of a poisoned chalice on offer and if the Democrats fail to take the senate it will remain full of Trump for another four years at least.

The US is one country [I believe that is still the case but I have not been back in awhile] the President should be elected by a plurality of votes, it is sort of a fundamental democratic principle, number one on the  Guide to Democracy list even.

So I have decided to vote for the party  who is try not to make me gag on manure and one trying to at least allow the roses to bloom.

Impeach Snowflake at the ballot box unless it’s been set on fire.

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