Maybe we can turn this post into a forum on loving Joe Biden.

Like many Democrats, I wasn’t fully onboard with Biden early on, even after he secured the nomination. I mean, there was never a question that I’d vote for him, but I wasn’t getting those warm fuzzies I’d felt about Barack Obama or my 2020 primary fave, Elizabeth Warren.

Until the convention, that is. That’s when I saw this:

Okay, that made me tear up a bit, but this made me want to bawl my eyes out:

Anyone who was ever bullied as a kid — for whatever reason — feels that in their heart. 

What a good and decent man. Can you imagine Donald Trump helping out a bullied kid like this? If anything, the asshole would make fun of the boy’s stutter.

Well, Brayden’s back, and he’s telling Biden to hang in there, no matter what fusillade of fucknuttery Trump sends his way during the next debate.



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So what was your moment? When did you fall in love with Joe Biden (assuming you have)?

Leave your response in the comments, and then give Joe a boost if you can.

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