I told you Georgia was dumber than Florida and Florida is pretty dumb.

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Many here and other liberal sites always believed Georgia was going to go blue.  I don’t think so.  I hoped so but with that idiot governor Kemp in the statehouse, I don’t see it.  I am a Georgia native and not a proud one but I am one still the same.  

The Florida beaches opening up was pretty stupid., here in Florida.   Not all the beaches have opened with open ventilation and hopefully some distancing but my goodness, how essential is Georgia’s tat parlors?  Haircuts?   Movies?  In dining restaurants?  Kemp knows and you can bank on it that he knows POC are affected much more than the whites.   Is this his new voter supression?  Voter suppression by death?  I know for a fact that twenty miles in any direction north, south, east or west of downtown Atlanta out of Fulton County, you have entered the REAL OLD south.  You are in the middle of predjudices, bigotry, Civil war enactments, and many who sit on the front pews and say Amen when they don’t have a clue about the teachings of what faith actually teaches a person of belief.  I know this because I grew up around these yahoos,   

I know this is the state of Lester Maddox.  I also know we have a national treasure in Plains by the name of Jimmy Carter who is elderly and has all kinds of conditions that puts him at risk.   Stacey Abrams would have made a great governor but I knew she would not.  SHE WAS BLACK AND SMART.

John Lewis is sitting in Georgia and in poor physical condition but he too is Black so he doesn’t matter not to this governor.   So many of the twenty mile outlining areas of Fulton County are full blown Models of Maddox.  I know this because I have been brought up around these people.  I have seen their ignorance up close and personal.   Some of these people cheered when JFK was killed.  I have seen the same response of MLK and Robert Kennedy’s assassinations.   I see them pushing prayer in school.Not prayer for the Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, but only for the evangelical bunch.  These folks stand to their feet and salute the flag and recite the pledge of allegience and look down on you if you don’t.  This is AMURKIA and by Golly you are anti American if you choose to believe differently than they.

To my Kossack friends, I am sorry that Kemp has done this to you.   He has done this to me as well because I have kids living in Georgia as well as grandkids.   I moved back to my husband’;s native state of Florida, which is not that much smarter than Georgia but a tad bit.

So while Kemp is pushing the opening of the state.  To the Kemp and Trump supporter, go ahead and get your hair cut, and hair done and nails done, as it is will look at your funeral but the kids did not ask for that.   The elderly in nursing homes did not ask for that.   Mayors were not even contacted about opening up the state.   The state needed the payroll protection plan and Trump is too lazy to even get toilet paper off his shoe after he takes a crap, much less lead a country.   He can’t even follow and do it with some sort of sanity.   Kemp is pretty stupid as well.

One can step across the bridge and be in Florida or Alabama or Tennessee or North Carolina or South Carolina.  We are all at risk with Kemp’s decision, along with SC, Tennessee being just as stupid during this pandemic.   Ron DeSantis, I feel you should close the borders to these states coming into Jax and Panama City but he won’t, he will only be about two weeks behind these idiot governorns because DeSantis isn’t all that emapathetic or smart either.    You just can’t exist in Georgia if you are a yahoo without hanging out at the Waffle House or Cracker Barrell and you have to have your nails done and hair done to visit these places.   

The truth is, if this is a war and I believe it is, why are these protestors not being arrested for aiding and abetting the enemy?   The Virus. 

  • April 21, 2020