I Throw Pies With The Best of Them, But I Do Not Need To Relive 2016 Primary.

Pot calling kettle black here.  I voted for Bernie Sanders during the primary in 2016, but I gave money and my vote to Hillary Clinton in the Fall of that year.  I didn’t really play close attention to Sanders’ supporters — some that is — continuing to throw shit at Hillary when she got the nomination and afterwards.  I know that has to have really gotten under the skin of Hillary Clinton supporters. And yes, the DNC was not neutral during the primary season.  And I have thrown my fair share of pie at the establishment and centrists candidates.  

But for the love of God, must we relive 2016?

I know why Hillary said what she did now.  The establishment does not like Sanders.  Period.  And Hillary is hoping that Democratic voters will not give the nomination to Sanders.  And Sanders people are going to react to that.

But Hillary Clinton is no longer in the game.  I would advise Sanders to let what Hillary said go and move on to fighting for the now in IA.  If he wants to punch someone, there is always Biden and Buttigieg.

No offense Hillary Clinton supporters, but she is on the sidelines now.  Nothing is going to stop her from speaking her mind, but Hillary doesn’t hold any elective office.  She has no direct power.  Influence in the party?  Yes, but once you leave office, everyone looks at who is in the actual running or holds some real power.  She is an elder stateswoman now.  But anyone can take what an elder statesman or woman says and ignore it.

Besides, if Sanders really wants to get under Hillary’s skin, he might want to win the nomination instead.

By the way, I’m a Warren supporter who will support whoever is the eventual nominee, even if it is Sanders or Biden.  I may not be happy that my candidate lost, but it won’t be the first time this has happened.