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I thought you were Proud…Boys?

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Sure, there is something to be afraid of when a group of gun-toting terrorists brandishes weaponry to cover their intellectual deficiencies. Whether they or their ilk, make plans to kidnap governors, or declare the “Proud Boys are here” in a profanity-laced group tirade directed at the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, alarm bells generally alert the proper deterrents. As with the Florida terrorist who threatened the House Speaker, or the Michigan group who proposed the execution of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, their open braggadocio and public demonstrations for a redress of their self-obsessed grievances, made them public pariahs to most of sane America.

The snake on the pathway is less of a threat than the snake in the grass…

That brings me to the so-called hidden Trump vote. That voter the media says, answers pollsters by saying that they are not voting for Trump, fearing the blowback—according to experts. Are they fearful of being called racist; are they in fear of being called baby-cagers; or is the real fear being compared to Mr. Trump. Worst yet, are they racist, and baby-cagers? The subjects in Trump’s kingdom—mainly white men, do not want to be compared to the Court Jester, but they like being close to their king. If someone says to you the guy who stares into the sun during an eclipse, thinks infecting 170,000,000 people with a deadly virus is a sound strategy to fight it, and if all else fails, ingest bleach, is your hero, publicly they would run and hide.  Oh sure, his rallies are filled with his cheering sycophants who deny logic, reason, and truth, but millions also followed Milli Vanilli until it was discovered they were talentless fakers too.

The ever-shrinking base of vocal Trumpers willing to dance publicly to his tune is heartening but scary. The real fear is the reasoned, educated Trump supporters whose schooling tells them Trump is a “moron,” as warned by ex-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, but their self-interest and privilege make them wager America’s future. The impending vote that will place Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court as a Justice is a case in point. If I walked into your workplace and called you a fool, an idiot, or a jerk you would say the work environment is hostile. Yet Judge Barrett ruled that the use of the N-word does not constitute a hostile work environment.  Defenders of Ms. Barrett parse her ruling by saying she did not blanketly declare the use of the N-word toward blacks as not hostile, just that using it against an individual black employee is questionable. “Smith can’t win simply by proving that the word was uttered. He must also demonstrate that Colbert’s use of this word altered the conditions of his employment and created a hostile or abusive working environment… He introduced no evidence that Colbert’s use of the N-word changed his subjective experience of the workplace,” she wrote in her published opinion.  

Any individual fool, or singular knuckle-dragging-idiot who read that opinion (oh, I apologize, I may have sounded hostile)… see my point? When I was in my early twenties I worked for a concern that hired the boss’s 20-year-old nephew to supervise me. I had the experience, age, and seniority in the department, but…  He insisted on calling me, Willie. As much as I would correct him and tell him my name was not Willie it was William, he would grin and call me Willie at every turn. He reveled in using it with a demeaning sneer. Finally, I got so fed up, I threatened to kick his butt in the alley out back and his reply was, “why so hostile?”  

Vote in 2020 for Change—and for your lives.      

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