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I thought it was Halloween..Not April fool's. Televangelist (Paula White) joins The White House .

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ROFL at how hypocritical this bag of orange bones really is.   I did not know Individual # 1 had a pastor.   Paula White ( a televangelist from Florida) will be joining the White House to advise THE ONE.   Really?   This woman is nuttier than a fruit cake missing a few nuts and fruit.  She is a grifter and she looks like she just stepped off of Fox News rather than a pulpit at Jim Baker’s TV show.  

I read on another site that he didn’t need a pastor.  He needed an exorcist.  I laughed out loud.   This woman has been under some investigations, herself.   

Paula White, Trump's Personal Pastor, Joins the White House

Source: New York Times

Paula White, a televangelist based in Florida and personal pastor to President Trump whom he has known since 2002, has joined the Trump administration in an official capacity, according to a White House official.

Ms. White will work in the Office of Public Liaison, the official said, which is the division of the White House overseeing outreach to groups and coalitions organizing key parts of the president’s base. Her role will be to advise the administration’s Faith and Opportunity Initiative, which Mr. Trump established last year by executive order and which aims to give religious groups more of a voice in government programs devoted to issues like defending religious liberty and fighting poverty.

She is younger than Melania and I wonder if White has any objections to her ah hem being grabbed.
If he never  does anything wrong and never asks forgiveness, what can she do for him?  Inquiring minds want to know…   I bet we know what he thinks she can do for him.   Move over Melania.   Your next replacement might be taking over.  She looks more like Ivanka than you.
Look at what all she has done in the name of God.   A match made in Hell.
She has had multiple marriages, relationships and was accused of having an extra marital affair with Benny Hinn.  (I could not make this up if I tried).  She lived off the government, has been investigated by the Senate and refused to cooperate.  

Her first marriage was as a teenager to the father of her son, Dean Knight.[56] In 1984, while she was living in Maryland with her newborn baby, she converted to Christianity. Her marriage ended soon after.[9]

Her second marriage was to Randy White. According to the book Holy Mavericks, a turning point in White's life was meeting Randy White in 1991, a third-generation preacher in the Church of God denomination. White had divorced his first wife and was in the early stages of reviving his career as a preacher and evangelist.

On August 23, 2007, Randy White announced that he and Paula were divorcing. According to The Christian Post, White says the divorce was amicable, and they remain friends.[

In 2010 White's relationship with married televangelist Benny Hinn gave rise to controversy after being photographed leaving a hotel in Rome holding hands. Hinn said “A friendship did develop” though “the relationship is over.” Both denied an affair. 

At the close of 2014 rock musician Jonathan Cain of Journey fame finalized his divorce from his second wife and became engaged to White. On April 27, 2015, Cain and White married.[61]

Now I know if she is his spiritual advisor, why he embraces evil.  At least it appears she is dividing the evangelicals.  

White is a proponent of prosperity theology[4][45] Along with other televangelists who have made millions of dollars through the prosperity gospel, she was the subject of an inconclusive 2007–2011 Senate investigation, but she refused to co-operate.[46][47][48]

Southern Baptist theologian and ethicist Russell D. Moore said that “Paula White is a charlatan and recognized as a heretic by every orthodox Christian, of whatever tribe.”[49] Michael Horton, a professor of theology at Westminster Seminary California, wrote in early January 2017 that White represented a heretical movement and that her then-upcoming address at President Trump's inauguration was helping to introduce heresy into mainstream public life. 

The Orlando Sentinel also has a story on this.
I wonder how old Huckabee Huckster feels about her.   Wonder if this is the real reason Sanders left DJT’s house of lies.
Remove him already before this nut and him have us all building a wall and calling it the Wall of Babel.

Read it if you can.  Jeeze.   All the nuts are lining up in a row. 

I am a person of faith but not this kind.   This is not faith but pure hypocrisy.   Grifters in the first degree.…

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