People will not do the right thing until they are scared of NOT doing the right thing.



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Why isn’t this happening in all the red zones?   Did you hear about this on MSM?  Did we get any kind of warnings on 911? More people are dying every day than on 9-11.  Since the CDC has warned about local Health officials taking over making the public aware of just how dangerous this is and people dying every 30 seconds….Why is the radio and television and cable not blaring this out every day and sirens like in the blitz going off.  A Killer is a Killer and this stuff is a National Danger.  If nothing else every time a person is diagnosed or dies..Bells should be ringing across America and not celebration bells.   I think the Health officials should be doing this.  Panic?  We are already in a panic and danger zone.  Mask and Distance should be in the announcement.

All Public Health officials must alert the state population direct from Health Task Force.  Expect this to happen.  I highly suggest it starts quickly with folks dying every 30 seconds.…

As of Friday morning, more than 14,217,100 people in the United States have been infected with the coronavirus and at least 276,300 have died, according to a New York Times database.

Case numbers are spiking across most of the United States, leading to dire warnings about full hospitals, exhausted health care workers and expanding lockdowns.

People are dying and ignorance in leadership is not warning that a nuclear blast in the form of a virus is killing us.  How is this different than a nuclear winter?   Dead is Dead.   If you vote no in the poll….please give reasons why you do not think there does not need to be a LOUD wake up call.

I guarantee you, the ignorant would get a wake up call and it would get their attention no matter what rock they were hiding under in denial.  Flags should be upside down.  We are a country in Distress.   Something has to be done.