I think I know why the 3 oath breakers went to talk to Defense

Sixteen hours had been alloted to each side,   The disgusting so called jurors and republican house of  shame legislators went in to talk to the defense team.  This is totally unethical and they should be cencured.  I do think I figured out why they skipped down the hall like little girls with an idea,   They went I bet to tell Trump’s defense lost and terrible defenders to cut the lawyering of their idea of defense short.  Just get it over.  

These little skippers with their idea had to tell the defense  of  their idea.  I would bet on it.   They convinced them to just defend 3 hours because they had it covered.  They I imagine told these lawyers to not use the 16 hours but cut it to 3 hours.  Show up and they would acquit no matter if it was an hour or 16, it would make no difference.   Their minds were made up.   This is what I think went down in that so called unethical strategy was. ‘ WE GOT YOUR BACK”  YOU WIN….Don’t embarass yourselves and we might lose more on our side.  The only way to make sure we keep our numbers is to just show up and read Mary had a Little Lamb if necessary and know WE GOT THIS COVERED.

I may be wrong but I sure think we have just watched  something worse than  someone  shot on 5th Avenue and getting away with it.

  • February 12, 2021