I think I know what his problem is

We have all talked about the man from the orange planet is like he is, but I think I know.  I have not read Mary Trump’s book but after listening to Joe Biden today and listening closely to his talking about this advice he got from his Mom and Dad and grandparents, I started to really think back.  Joe Biden said, “ He doesn’t care”.

Donald Trump never ran through the fresh dew barefooted in the summertime with a jar filled with freshly caught lightning bugs on a summers night.   He never licked the salt from the churn of homemade ice cream that was cranked for a cool down on a summer night on the front porch.  He never listened quietly as the adults which included parents and grandparents talking about events as you looked at the stars while the ice cream was being dipped from the churn.   It would be a sweltering hot night and with no air conditioning, a fine way to cool down.

Donald Trump never had to share his toys with any siblings and make do with a few and use his imagination as he sat between two roots of a tree and pretended he was flying across space with Flash Gordon.  This was long before Star Trek and Trekkers were the rage.   He never helped his Mama or Daddy with any chores like

helping hang wash in the sunshine or rake a yard of dirt to make the yard look nice.   He never I am sure, had to actually memorize a tune on any instrument to be in a recital for relatives to show up and applaud no matter how lousy you or the piece you memorized was.   He never went into a field of cotton or vegetables and picked the harvest and then collapsed in front of an oscillating fan on a tile floor to the hum of the sound  of that old metal fan that lulled you down for a nap.   He never was told if he had any friends, that he could play for 30 minutes or an hour and then go home. 

There were boundaries and rules and they were to be adhered to.   If not, there were consequences to be paid.  He never had to crawl between cotton sheets so cold in the winter time and you had to kick your feet to try and warm up as your Mother warmed a brick and covered it in a towel to place on those small feet to warm you up.  He never had to share a bed with a sibling and stay warm and hit the floor after your Daddy stoked a coal heater and the house would be so cold the tile rolled up.   He never knew any of the things that some deemed hard but most in your community were living the same way.  Some worse.  Some had outside outhouses and had to run to the potty and use a Sears and Roebuck catalog for toilet paper in freezing weather.  We had inside bathrooms. 

He never had to sacrifice or save on water.  The pump from the well would freeze up in the winter or the well would go dry in the summer so saving water was essential.  A bath everynight consisted of a tub filled about two inches deep but that bath felt good as Mama dried you off and sprinkled powder on you as you ran to that bed.

He was never taught good manners of please and thank you.   He never was included in the canning plant where harvests were canned in the summer and put up for winter .  He never was taught how essential it was to stretch a dollar and use it wisely.  He never saw his parents cry, or help a neighbor physically, or emotionally.   I could go on and on and on of all the things he never got.  Things that he really needed to teach him to be a socially accepted human being.   He was ignored or thrown money at and never given any consequences and probably never saw suffering or dying up close.  He cannot identify with poor or sacrifice.  He wants everyone to suffer as much as he suffers.   He was for child separation because that is what he emotionally was, separated.   He was taught racism.   He was tolerated, not loved.   He  got dollars instead of hugs or time outs.  He never had to do a hard days work in his life.   Many people are brought up without love or acceptance or abused but somewhere and someone comes into their life to make a difference.  I feel that never happened with this shell of a man.  I explained some things in my life and those who care and have empathy may not run through dew dripped grass but had their own childhood of stickball, or something that stands out that gave them some sort of empathy and content.

Life got easier for many of us but what we were shown as toddlers through the years formed us.  Abuse is neglect and lust of the almighty at the expense of nuture is abuse.  The whole family passed it down and still doing so.  

Joe Biden  was right.   “ He doesn’t care”.  It is alien to him and he has no clue how to function if it doesn’t include money which has never filled that hole that is a lot bigger than the hole the ice cream rock salt drippings came from the ice cream urn.  He is an old man and has never really lived.  I actually pity the man.  He never learned how to be a human being.   He is a shell of a human with no real purpose and never can learn these things.   It is too late.  Those lessons take a lifetime to process and live.  What’s the use of reaching 80, if you waste 79?  One can never forget their roots good or bad but it takes years and years of therapy for some who missed out on life’s lessons.

Donald J Trump and many of his followers are broken people.  Some and especially the Trump bunch cannot be repaired.  I am sure glad I was brought up the way I was instead of surrounded with money and fame.  We are all paying for the abuse that family dished out.  We are paying with our lives because someone needs to be noticed.  That man should have been noticed as a toddler.  He never matured.  He is unfit and broken and we all knew this but when you narrow all he has missed as he is approaching the grave, it sure seems he missed the best part of life.

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