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I think Elizabeth Warren broke punditry

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So Elizabeth Warren came out with the most comprehensive plan for paying for Medicare for All in History. The most important question in the 2020 election!! I mean we have impeachment, sure, but this is going to determine our future right?  The pundits are going to be all over this right? It is 60 pages sure, but these pundits went to the best institutions. They can lock themselves away and figure it out (some people did do this). So what do we hear? Well Ezra Klein wrote something talking about how maybe there are disagreement but Warren laid out something substantial. Paul Krugman, he of the Nobel prize called it the most serious plan to date (by far), but worried how difficult it would be to get through Congress. Even Jordan Weissman at Slate, not exactly the most progressive pundit out there, says in the headline it is not very realistic but in the article he does not have many critiques, well founded or otherwise. Today there is a hysterical article in the Washington Post that basically is screaming, “Shut up, shut up, shut up.” People are saying the pundits are going to have a field day but in order to do that you actually have to do some work, really delve deeply in to it. Much easier to talk about emails. There has been extraordinarily little reaction from the pundits.

The biggest react is and will be that Warren underestimates the cost. The “supposedly” somewhat left urban Institute claims M4A will cost 32 trillion. Warren estimates 20 trillion. Oh Joe and Mayor Pete, do not throw Elizabeth Warren in to the briar patch. I figure it would be 20 trillion before Warren’s plan came out. How, because I am not an economist. Really easy argument. I averaged the three highest cost (and among the best) socialized medical programs in the world — Canada, Great Britain and Sweden. Six thousand per capita. Times a little over 300 million people in the United States, that comes to a little under 2 trillion a year, 20 trillion over ten years. Where does the urban institute get their number. Well they can claim all the economic mumbo jumbo they want but it basically comes down to this. The US currently spend 10,300 (about) per capita. Again a little over 300 million. That comes to to 3.2 trillion a year or 32 million. When Joe or Mayor Pete or some pundit who doesn’t do his homework brings up the Urban Institute number Warren will smile, maybe even rub her hands, lay this out (in ways any person watching at home can understand) and ask, “Why do you think American health care will be 66% higher?” There is no rational answer (or the rational answer stinks). It will end campaigns. I assure you, Warren is waiting for this question. Which is why nobody will actually ask it (unless Warren is not in the room).

Plus Warren released the plan the morning before the Jefferson-Jackson dinner in Iowa. The last chance for somebody to break through. She has got a killer instinct.

Warren has taken on the pundits and I believe she broke them.

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