I think David Brooks is having a nervous breakdown over the #metoo movement


I actually think a lot of men are having a nervous breakdown over the #metoo. But really, this should not be in the New York Times (or really my idealized version of the New York Times which is now down the rabbit hole). Today’s Brooks column is on the Jordan Peterson Moment.  Where to start. Oy.

This is the men’s movement dressed in an expensive suit and academic condescension. The guy is part Men’s movement, part Calvinist, part social Darwinist with a dash of superficial statistics (this guy can misuse mulitvariate analysis like a friggin dancing bear).

And here we have this charlatan being glorified on the Opinion Pages of the New York Times.  I’m going to leave you with one more link because it definitvely answers one of the great questions of history — can a man strut while sitting down? Banty rooster indeed.

Honestly I kept reading the column because I thought there must be a punchline somewhere. I was convinced even David Brooks wasn’t serious. Maybe you can find one.

Remember when David Brooks was a really serious thinker. Well, me neither.