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I Owe Some People An Apology

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Hi everyone,

So my last diary that made the Rec list was from the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, an organization that I respect greatly and still do, was an e-mail about how Elizabeth Warren was gaining votes from Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg. It presented Tweets from the people who were voting for them but were switching their votes to Elizabeth Warren. I admit that I was a little hesitant to republish that e-mail to the Daily Kos in a diary because while I have no doubt that there were voters going over to Warren I should’ve practiced some better judgment on how many were actually moving to her. I also want to apologize if my title was misleading. It actually was the subject line of the e-mail as you can see below:


Moving forward, I will do better at making sure to be more accurate with my diary posts because I care about the community’s trust and I am a huge supporter of cracking down on the spreading of disinformation. 

With that said, I feel I owe some other folks here apologies for different reasons. 

Fellow Elizabeth Warren Supporters

I am sorry if I let you down. This was the first time for me on the Daily Kos that I participated in a Presidential Democratic Primary. I truly believed in Elizabeth Warren’s candidacy. I believed that the media was trying to erase her and she faced some unfair scrutiny. I also supported her staying in the race because I felt that there was a section of the electorate who did not like people telling one of the top female candidates to drop out would mobilize that anger and helped her deliver some sort of victory. Now I don’t know yet what Warren intends to do next. That we will have to wait and see but I will strongly defend her against any accusations that she was a spoiler candidate and I believe she had every right to be on the Super Tuesday ballot. Michael Bloomberg was the real spoiler here. It’s hard to see her come in third in her home state of Massachusetts but because that vote was split between her and Bernie Sanders, it gave Joe Biden an opening. From a strategic standpoint, I have to give the Biden voters and team a lot of respect for that one. 

With that said, I again apologize for misleading or raising anyone’s hopes with my last diary. I did want to keep our spirits up because I love Warren and firmly believe she is the best option. I will say that I am proud to have been writing so many diaries in support of Warren and I wish that I had been writing more diaries early on in support of Warren. I was originally a Kamala Harris supporter and early on, I wanted to push the narrative of party unity. Of course, over time, I changed my narrative and got onboard fully with Warren’s campaign. As many of you know, the big selling point was her call to abolish the filibuster. I understand the pros and cons of this argument and understand the risks to this proposal but I still believe Warren is right about this. The next Democratic President has to be ready to deal with Moscow Mitch or whoever the GOP Senate (hopefully) Minority Leader is because I want the next Democratic President to be very successful and deliver for the people. After how McConnell ran the impeachment trial, not only do I want the GOP to forever be the Minority Party, I want to strip away any power they could have. That includes the filibuster power. In fact, I’m not going to change my position on abolishing the filibuster at all. I am going to keep pushing this issue. So that leads me to….

Bernie Sanders Supporters

I owe you an apology too. I know I have been an obnoxious jerk with my comments on Sanders’ diaries regarding this issue. I still don't see eye to eye with Sanders on this issue and I am still skeptical about his strategy to just use the budget reconciliation process to pass everything. But I admit, I could’ve handled this situation much better. I did want to write a long diary about why a political revolution isn’t possible without abolishing the filibuster but it’s not going to change anyone’s here’s mind. I know that not all Sanders voters agree with Bernie’s stance on the filibuster and are hoping he changes his mind if he were to get the nominee. The reason I have been so hard on him about this is not that I hate Sanders. Quite the contrary. I have a lot of respect for him. I voted for him in the primary in 2016 and back then I didn’t think about the filibuster as a top issue. I figured Sanders would support getting rid of it because he would have the same viewpoint I had. But when he said in the debates that he would not call for abolishing it, it really frustrated me a lot. I still don’t quite understand how someone who has been in congress for 30 years and witnessed this archaic rule abused over and over again to kill progress isn’t supportive of getting rid of it. I know that Sanders used it twice in 2010 and I can understand why he thinks it’s still something to keep. But I still won’t agree with him. Harry Reid is one of my political heroes and I agree with him 110% when it comes to killing the filibuster. If Sanders does become the nominee and does beat Trump, I will be pushing diaries urging him and (hopefully) Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Majority Whip Dick Durbin to get the Senate Democrats in line to either abolish the rule or prioritize filibuster reform once they have the majority. Looking at you Senator Jeff Merkley (D. OR) to make this happen. 

With all of that said, I’m going to refrain from commenting on any more pro-Sanders diaries. I’ve made my case plenty of times. I just really want him to get a grip on this early because if he pulls this out, I don’t want him to fail. Millions of people who voted for him are relying on him to deliver for the people. It’s not just about long term success but also making huge legislative achievements that can move the country forward. That’s what I want and I guess I wanted the Sanders folks here to acknowledge this issue and to push him to change his position on the filibuster now than later. I also acknowledge that I have not been hard enough on Joe Biden on this issue, grant it I figured he would be done by now and that he wouldn’t be on board. But. now, he’s back up and running and if he is the nominee, I will be pushing him on this issue as well. With that being said….

Joe Biden Supporters

I’m sorry I underestimated you. I admit I thought Biden was down and out for sure. But I was impressed with his performance in the past two debates. I knew he would still win South Carolina but at that point, I thought he would eke out a victory against Sanders. Instead, he delivered big time and benefitted from Rep. Jim Clyburn’s incredible speech. But Biden’s campaign always knew South Carolina was his saving grace and it certainly translated to a lot of states tonight. To be honest, I’ve actually always liked Biden. His debate with Paul Ryan is still my all-time favorite Biden moments. Not only did I enjoy watching Biden wipe the floor with Ryan but I also started saying “malarkey” more. I also love saying “This is a big fucking deal” more because of Biden. Even when I was doubtful of how strong a candidate he would be, I still wanted him to jump into this race because I figured if anything, he could teach Democrats how to punch Trump hard. And he is very good at that. No offense to Bernie Sanders but calling Trump a “lying racist” is like calling a Cocker Spaniel a dog. Now calling him a white supremacist who pals around with dictators feels more like a swift blow to the head from a guy with a sock full of quarters. And I fucking love it. 

With all that said, I’m looking forward too seeing how Biden’s campaign moves forward. I wish him and Senators Sanders a lot of look going into the next round of primaries and debates. With that being said….

What’s Next?

I’m going to wait and see what Warren does next. I’m curious to see what she does. She could drop out, which is pretty likely, but if she stays in, I want to understand why and keep her in mind for the potential alternative candidate. But I could be very wrong about that. As for Sanders and Biden, I actually am torn here. On one hand, I agree with Sanders’ agenda a lot but on the other hand, as someone who loves writing about down-ballot races, Biden has a better track record on that one (Doug Jones & Conor Lamb just to name a few). But I also want to see if Sanders can expand his coalition and if Biden can sharpen his campaign for the next round of primaries because while he had a great night, this thing ain’t over.

While that gets fleshed out, I'm getting back into doing way more Senate, Congressional, State Legislature and Governor diaries. I’m really going to be aggressive with helping Democrats win the Senate because that is the prize jewel. Yes, I’ll still be covering races in red states like South Carolina, Kansas, and Kentucky and in light red states like Texas, Georgia, Iowa, and North Carolina. I’ll also be focused on the swing state races as well. Stay tuned.

I hope my apology suffices and I will strive to do better. Thank you.

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