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I Only Saw Kavanaugh's Bullying Today.

I only got to read about Chrisinte Blasey Ford’s testimony today while I was at eating lunch, but I got to listen to parts of Kavanaugh’s testimony on the drive home after 4 P.M. on NPR.  And even the NPR reporters and commentators were stunned by Kavanuagh’s belligerence.  If I am not mistaken, one of the reporters called Kavanaugh’s performance “unhinged.”  And Nina Totenberg appeared to be flummoxed by the spectacle.

You know you have screwed up when NPR is like “WTF?”

I got to hear Durbin ask Kavanaugh the simple question of why Kavanaugh didn’t want to call for a suspension of the hearings and ask for an FBI investigation.  I can’t imagine what it must have looked like on TV, but I suddenly had Chuck Grassley yelling at me in the car.  And there is nothing like having a grumpy old geezer telling you that no one outside of Grassley is running this committee!  Not even the guy who we are actively protecting!

I got to listen to Kavanaugh interrupt Democratic Senators and filibuster.  Oh, and did you know what a stellar student and athlete Brett Kavanaugh is?  Not sure what any of that had to do with the questions about why Kavanaugh won’t request an  FBI investigation, or want his friend Mark Judge to testify, or even drinking, unless it is SOP for hard working students and athletes to get a pass on binge drinking.

And I loved Kavanaugh playing prosecutor with the Democratic Senators.  Asking them if they ever drank.  The real gem was his asking Amy Klobuchar if she drank.  This was after she admitted that her Dad is a recovering alcoholic.  

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Someone must have gotten to our bully boy during a break because he said, “My bad” to Klobachur.  I wonder who the genius was who told Kavanaugh, “You fucking dickhead!  She’s a WOMAN!  What are you doing badgering a woman senator??”  I guarantee that must have been how the conversation went in the hallway during that break.  Otherwise, why would such a bully even bother to apologize?

But I’m a partisan who was against Kavanaugh on policy issues, so what the fuck do I know?

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