I never do wrong…only right. Only the dumb believe otherwise. ( Basically his last tweet)


I feel like am on the edge of reality with this administration.   Now he is calling all of us dumb if we believe he did something baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.  Here we go with the Fake news.   Here we go soon enough with the gaslighting and Fox talking points.  Here we go with more stonewalling as he sued today NY from getting his tax returns.   Here we go.   

In the meantime there he sits Locked and Loaded with a Sec. of State saying…Act of war regarding the Saudis and Iran saying all out war if the US strikes,   Two more days and he will be golfing while the world, especially the US is in chaos and our leadership is in dissaray.  

Are you as dumb as me because I believe a man who does not even know what color his hair is supposed to be day to day is capable of anything.


This is coming from the man who invited the Taliban to Camp David two days before 9-11-2019.

This is coming from the man who invited Russian operatives into the Oval office.

This is coming from the man who has alienated every friend of America.

This is coming from the man who shared satellite images.

This is coming from the man who paid off people before the election, hired Russian agents and talked worse about American Intel and war heros than expressing his love for dictators.

Had this man been the president in October during the Cuban missile crisis, we would have still been breathing radioactive fallout.    Those who may have been spared.   The leaders then had 13 days.   Can the democrats reign in this crazy in 13 days?  I doubt it.   He is self impeaching they say.  They are smarter than us, I suppose according to their 11 dimensional chess which looks more like a game of Candyland.

If you believe the Whistleblower and IG, then you are dumb.  Count me in.  I am dumb as shit because I believe this administration is capable of almost anything.  They have bunkers.

I guess this is for  those who want to know the real truth.

  • September 19, 2019
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