I know some will hate this, but…HRC should have picked Sanders as her VP. That's the future lesson


I say some will hate this because the Clinton v. Sanders wars have been litigated endlessly here.  But, so what?  That is what a Democratic political web site should have been doing all along.

I only bring this up because I see the renewed interest in “what went wrong?” analysis after some recent appearance by Ms. Clinton.  But it is a very important topic.

For me, this isn't second-guessing.  I felt this way at the time.  HRC should have had the strength, confidence and foresight to realize that she needed the ongoing jolt and enthusiasm behind the Sanders’ campaign.  Sanders should have backed off on overly criticizing HRC, and suggesting improper machinations behind his loss, way earlier than he did. They should have united the party and ran together.

They didn’t — I believe — out of misplaced confidence that Trump and the Republicans would be easily beatable.  And this is the key: we should not continue with such a misplaced confidence going forward.

Despite the endless evidence of a Trump fiasco, we need to remember that our Republican opposition is not just numerically strong, but mindlessly loyal.  As we have seen, the difference in who governs is not subtle, but radical.  And . . . unless you have your head in the sand, the Democrats currently are suffering electoral defeats at every level except the presidency (on and off).

It is hard to predict or expect that we will face a similar dynamic next election, but it is certainly possible.  In doing our post-mortems, it is negligent to not discuss this huge, self-inflicted mistake.  We need to make sure that going forward we focus on unity and putting the best possible ticket forward.  We dropped the ball on that last election, and we know the results.