I interviewed Sen. Elizabeth Warren & asked how she will handle the Socialist framing

I was shocked to see the crowd for Senator Elizabeth Warren. After all, it is the Fourth of July weekend. The room was packed tighter than sardines in a can. I was surprised no one fainted.

There was not enough room, and they had to open up an overflow. Warren spoke to those people first, and then she came out with her rousing speech.

Warren first told her story that included her tribulation from poverty to single motherhood, to the values within society that allowed her ascent. She had the audience riveted for the duration.

And then came her policies. I am convinced that if Senator Warren is afforded the space to get her message out in an unadulterated manner, she will win on policy alone as people make the connection their own existence.

The policy that most scares a selfish extracting self-serving Plutocracy is what she explained best, the 2% tax on wealth. You explained it well by personalizing it to the wealth taxes everyday Americans are already paying, property taxes.

Elizabeth Warren fearless response to Socialist moniker

After the speech, I was a part of the media gaggle and got in a very important question. I asked her how she will handle the Socialist moniker Republicans and some Democrats like Michael Bennet and Hickenlooper are likely to use on her.

Senator Warren did not miss a beat as she pointed out that she is not worried about that. She pointed out that both Democrats and Republicans are n support of her policy.

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