I Hope the U.S. Senate Is In Play Because…

IF — and it is stil a big IF — the U.S. Senate is in play, the political dynamic in D.C. will shift.  No, it does not mean that if the House ever impeaches Trump the Senate will convict.  I’m thinking if we pick up enough seats to get to 51 in the Senate.  Obviously, we would need 16 Republican Senators to defect to ever convict Trump over wrong doing, and I do not see that happening.  I’m thinking more along the lines of investigations of Trump and ending the filling of the courts with Republican hacks.

In other words, Democrats would be able to act like Republicans did under Obama and now Trump.

Republicans in both chambers of Congress are protecting Trump.  Even the Never Trump Republicans outside of D.C. say this.  No Republican wants to investigate the target rich environment that is Trump and his financial dealings.  All Republicans know there is something there, but they do not want it out in daylight for all voters to see.  Once everyone sees the stinking cesspool that is Trump World, voters not bonded to Trump will want Congress to do something about the blatant corruption.

When the likes of Jeff Flake and Bob Corker shrug their shoulders and say, “That’s just Trump.  What do you want me to do about it?”,  they are actively engaging in corruption themselves.  And the Trump accomplices — all Republicans in the House and Senate – do not have the same level of support that the racist – in -chief does with their base and the other voters.

Translation:  no one likes corrupt politicos.

However, with Democrats running the Senate, we can have oversight and see all that Trump is hiding.  We will have the same in the House, if we win there, but it helps to have both chambers of Congress on the hunt.  Republicans had a lot of fun with investigating Hillary and Obama, so both the Senate and the House Democrats should return the favor with regards to Trump.

Those investigations will slow down an already dysfunctional White House, which is something all Democrats and Progressives would love to see.  With nothing to show the voters in 2020, anyone going to think that Trump is a change agent or has delivered on all those spectacular promises he made in 2016?  It will cripple Trump and slow down implementation of his destructive policies.

Next, yeah, the big enchillada of making the SCOTUS a den of rightwing judicial activism will have already been accomplished.  Sadly, I believe that Kavanaugh will get on the SCOTUS because of lyings sacks of shit like Lisa Murkowski and the despicable Susan Collins.  But Republicans want to fill all the other open court positions, which they held open under Obama, with Kavanaugh clones.

Who says that Senate Democrats have to suddenly play by rules and fill those open court positions?

Republicans have broken every rule and shattered every norm to get what they want.  And it appears from what I have seen from the Kavanaugh hearings that MAYBE this has finally penetrated into the thick skulls of Senate Democrats.  Instead of meekly accepting some stupid Senate norm that benefitted Republican duplicity on the Kavanugh hearings, Corey Booker basically told Grassley to go fuck himself when he released those “confidential” documents on Kavanaugh.  Now, McConnell is saying that Booker will have to have an ethics investigation.

Not if Democrats run the place next year Mitch.

It’s possible that Senate Democrats will see the light and realize that being nice to their Republican colleagues is a fool’s errand when it comes to the struggle for power.  You do not get brownie points for reaching across the aisle nowadays, especially when the other side takes everything and gives up nothing in return.

I pray that we might win the U.S. Senate next year.

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