I have resigned from my teaching position


effective June 30.   I did so even without having another job, although I am exploring moving to an independent school next year as well as the possibility of employment using my skills as a writer and an editor.

I am a retired/rehired teacher in the Prince George’s County Public School System in Maryland.  As such I have no status or tenure, but am year to year. I was as a result of my performance this year guaranteed the ability to return to my job next Fall.  Wednesday May 1st was, however, a deadline of sorts:  as a non-tenured teacher if I submitted my resignation after that date I would lose my Maryland Teaching Certification  — irrelevant if leaving for a non-public position or leaving teaching entirely.  I had planned to leave my status up in the air in case I obtained a satisfactory independent school position after that date.

Without going into details, an incident happened at our school which was in some ways the final straw for me.  I felt that neither the school system or our school’s administration were sufficiently supportive of teachers.  This had been an issue for some time, including seeing several instances of teachers being assaulted and the students receiving insufficient consequences.  I personally had experienced three such incidents, all admittedly relatively minor with no injury to me, but two involving the same student.  Further, a long-term substitute had been seriously attacked (shoved to the floor) by a student who did not even receive an out of school suspension (the Code of Conduct would have allowed that student to be expelled).