I have Republican friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. Here is what they told me after Biden won.

As the headline says, I have Republican friends, co-workers, neighbors and so on.  I got added to one of their message lists, and they had quite the reaction when I celebrated Biden’s win.  I don't personally know everyone on the list but they are all White and I am reasonably sure that each one has at least an undergraduate degree.  Here are their reactions to me specifically:

Did you forget your white too?

Food Stamps are meant to be be for people who are down on their luck temporarily . . . they shouldn’t be a lifestyle.

We have black in us too,

That’s why I have rhythm.

And a big penis.

Che and Castro Socialism is here. 

So people are supposed to be penalized for being financially successful?

[Replying to above]. Wait . . . I am suppose to be penalized for being white?

So let’s board up the city and prepare for anarchy.  Cause a sanctuary city Where police are water bucketed And looting is tolerated is the America I want.

[Also a video that says “Training for the next BLM demonstration” that shows a black man running on a treadmill with Apple products under his arms]

For what it is worth, a couple of these posts were from adult women.  All of them are relatively prosperous to wealthy, and would look quite normal at a PTA meeting.  Oh, and these folks are from Blue State New York.

There is no hope with these Republicans.  We simply have to out vote them, every time.

  • November 8, 2020