I gotta say, I looooooooves me some Mayor Pete

Have you ever been in a work place dominated by a blow hard and a bully. He’s miserable to the people he works with but acts like he’s the most brilliant boss in the world. He holds court by the water cooler talking about his genius and his conquests and the fact that everybody in the office is so lucky he is there. And everybody has to stand and take it because he’s the boss. Because he is going to viciously attack anybody who crosses him. He thrives on vindictiveness and cruelty. The office becomes oppressive. Everybody keeps hoping that somebody will say something to break this spell he holds over the office. And then one day this young guy shows up. He’s smart and good natured, but underneath you can tell he’s a little devious. He listens with everybody else but instead of mumbling into his water cup he is actually smiling. When the time is right the needling starts. A pinprick here. A short volley there. The bully looks at this young upstart but does not know quite what to do. Tries to stare him down. A few insults. The young man keeps poking and prodding, needling. He does not stop. Until one day the bully has a melt down and he explodes in fifteen different directions. The young man smiles and walks away. He comes back the next days and starts needling again.

This is what I feel like Mayor Pete is doing to Trump. Nothing bit. Poking and prodding every chance he gets. He does not stop. Right now he is on the bone spurs and will not let it go. He will come back to Trump being a hopelessly out of touch old man. I get the feeling he will just keep poking at him and then backing away just beyond Trump’s slashing claw.  I think he will goad Trump into a really big mistake.  Oh, this is great.

  • May 26, 2019