I felt the early tremors of a coming earthquake at the Post Office this morning


So I walked in to the Post Office in one of the more conservative parts of the district Danny O’Connor is running in. It was pretty empty.  The two postal workers were talking behind the counter.  They were talking about how guilty Trump was.  One of the workers said, “His son needs to spend a long time in jail.”

The other postal worker, “Yeah, he sold us out to the Russians, at least five years.”

A woman by the boxes said, “Well Obama did the same thing.”

The postal workers did not acknowledge her.

She said in a much meeker voice. “Well he sort of did.”

Still no acknowledgement.  She went on with her task.

“He needs to go to jail for a long time,” the second worker said again.

They made no effort to keep their conversation hushed.  The comment from the woman might have changed the conversation in earlier days.  I have never seen anything like this in this area.  The postal workers were both older men, one white, one Indian (but if I remember right previously quite conservative.)

An earthquake is coming.

Where can I get my Warren/Harris bumper sticker anyway.