Alive as you and me.

“You are a decade gone!” I cried.

But he just strummed, “Sugaree.”

“When the next election sets us free,

We’ll all meet at the Jubilee,

and if that Jubilee don’t come, 

We’ll all rally on the run.”

“But Jerry,” I cried it’s been so long

How much longer can I be strong?

I can’t let go and I can’t hold on.”

And Jerry crooned in his raspy trill

“You can’t go back and you can’t stand still

If the Thunder don’t get you than the lightning will.”

“Just turn that small wheel with fire and rod,

The Big Wheel turns by the grace of God, 

Everytime that wheel goes ‘round,

We’re bound to cover a little more ground.”

It’s bright

so I survived another night

Thanks Jerry for the hope

Time to toke.

(Lyrics adapted from the songs The Wheel, and Sugaree ( both 1972 by Robert Hunter.)

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