I don't need lectures from Billionaires about climate change.

In particular Bill Gates pontifications under his label of the “Good Billionaire”.

Yes he does keep to the science in a way, but  please stop with the hypocrisy.

If there is a credibility gap in listening to Gates on this subject, it comes from the suspicion that he lives in a world so far removed from the rest of us as to raise large blind spots

If everyone could pay to offset the carbon Bill Gates does the world would be a slightly cooler version of Venus. Private jet, mega-houses and sports cars are his only little guilty pleasures, buying another rich peoples airline another.

About carbon offsets.

Airlines and oil companies love talking about carbon offsetting. But to be serious about tackling climate change, they need to stop carbon emissions from getting into the atmosphere in the first place.

Of the Green New Deal, the proposal backed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that raises the goal of carbon neutrality in a decade, he is flatly dismissive. “Well, it’s a fairytale. It’s like saying vaccines don’t work – that’s a form of science denialism. Why peddle fantasies to people?” This seems a little harsh, and one suspects that Gates’ vehemence is powered by a broader disapproval of Ocasio-Cortez’s politics.

God save capitalism! Ugh, comparing to anti-vaxers, that is an ugly connection.

Like most people he is full of contradictions, most people cannot buy that size of microphone.

So stop repeating the science and prove you are serious about this in your own life, without the offsets.

Koch, along with his late brother David, spent decades funding climate deniers. Gates’ regard for him seems vested entirely in his success as a businessman; no matter how philanthropic, at some level the billionaire class is loyal primarily to itself.


Just his main residence

Half a million board-feet of lumber was needed to complete the project.

The house was built with 500-year-old Douglas fir trees. 300 construction workers labored on the home — 100 of whom were electricians.

You get judged by what you do, not by what you say.

The original designers of Xanadu, the Yuan Dynasty  hence the poem

In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
A stately pleasure-dome decree:
Where Alph, the sacred river, ran
Through caverns measureless to man
   Down to a sunless sea.

Kubla Khan another friend of his?

  • February 15, 2021