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I Do Not Think We Need To Panic Yet About Howard Schultz.

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Zach Carter at Huffington Post has a good write up about Howard Schultz is stuck in the 90’s, and I think what is outlined by Carter is why we should not panic about Schultz running for president.

  • Schultz is trashing what he calls “free health care” promised by the extreme left.  This is the typical BS that Republicans push about not doing anything about healthcare or cutting Medicare and Medicaid.  This did not play well in the 2018 Election.  And the American public is open to the idea of Medicare for All.  
  • Then we have the usual “centrist” BS about tackling the national debt.  This is while Schultz is not saying how much he would have cut corporate taxes on his company:

In a “60 Minutes” interview that aired on Sunday, Schultz reeled off a list of complaints about contemporary politics cryogenically preserved from 1995. “What the Democrats are proposing is something that is as false as the wall,” he said. “And that is free health care for all, which the country cannot afford.” The bean-counting billionaire said he would not have cut corporate taxes as much as Trump did but refuses to say whether he would raise corporate taxes as president.

“I look at both parties, we see extremes on both sides,” Schultz said. “We are sitting today with approximately $21.5 trillion of debt, which is a reckless example ― not only of Republicans but of Democrats as well ― as a reckless failure of their constitutional responsibility.”

Oh yeah.  We need to do something about the national debt.  Been there and done that in the 90’s.  Pissed it all away in the 21st Century.  Oh, and we retried austerity too during a Great Recession.  

This is one reason why I HATE centrism as practiced by the Washington and economic elites.

  • Everyone forgets that independent candidates generally do not make it to the White House.  In fact, as stated by yours truly and myriad others, independent candidates tend to be spoiler in elections.  Does Schultz want to end up on the dung heap of history along side Ross Perot, Ralph Nader, and Jill Stein?  Yes, everyone on the progressive side is afraid of this, but the only ones who really love independent “centrists” are the pundits and the Media.  See the interview by “60 Minutes” for proof of this.  They couldn’t find another story to report on?
  • Bloomberg is actively pissing all over Schultz by telling him, “I already thought about running.  You will be a spoiler.”  It is not good to have another potential “centrist” white knight bashing you over the head with a sword while you are trying to run for president.
  • Finally, just what the nation needs.  Another superwealthy guy who has not really run anything but his mouth.  Even Joe Biden will be able to tear Schultz a new one on this score.  And I see Joe Biden as Mr. Establishment, by the way.

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