I Bet the So Called “Warren and the B List” Candidates Are Relieved to Be on First Night of Debate.

I have to admit that I had a seriously “WTF?” reaction to the announced lineup for the two night Democratic Presidential Debate on June 26/27th.  But on further reflection, I’m betting that the candidates selected for the first night debate may be relieved.  My thoughts were crystalized for me during an panel exchange on Nicole Wallace’s MSNBC show Deadline:  The White House.  

Wallace through the question out there for the panel — wait for it — if during the second night debate the Democratic candidates would attack front runner Biden.

 Without hesitation and in unison, the panelists said, “YES.”

Jason Johnson of The Root had the best take on this by comparing the upcoming attacks on Biden to a pack of hyenas.  

Frankly, it is the only option for the candidates who are running way behind.  I agreed with the panelist that Sanders and Harris may try to stay out of the fray, but I think that is a “may.”  But if you want to make the case that you are presidential timber with Democrats, even the “bipartisan” worshippers will throw some elbows to demonstrate that they can take on Trump.  And seeing as Trump is not immediately available, the stand in will be Biden.

No, Biden = Trump is NOT what I am saying.  But if you want to break out of the pack, you have to punch up.  And who is the current king of the hill that needs knocking down?

No, I do not think this will be personal.  Despite what some Biden supporters want, Biden’s voting record will be folded, spindled, and mutilated.  And it is what any politician who has been in office for many years will always be judged by.  

I fully expect that the U.S.S. Biden will come under a barrage of cannon fire and torpedoes.  

There might be a smaller fight between Hickenlooper and Sanders.  Hickenlooper is busy with his hippie punching political strategy and spewing out coffee when he hears the word “socialism.”  I would not put it past Hickenlooper to attack Sanders.  No, it’s a dumb strategy, but whoever said that politicians were bright?

There might be a few punches thrown against Warren on the first night, but there is more of an incentive for all the candidates on that night to present their best case.  And I think most of those on the first night will be making a positive sales pitch.  This is especially true because so many of those candidates are barely on the radar.

If you want to get a positive message and agenda out on the second night, good luck with that.