I believe that she can win – An endorsement of Elizabeth Warren's presidential bid

Today, I announce that I endorse Elizabeth Warren for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States!

America needs a strong leader with strong political morals and support for democracy, human rights, and the rule of law, and Elizabeth Warren is the strong progressive leader that America needs. Warren has spent much of her adult life fighting against the greed of Wall Street and fighting to protect consumers, including leading the effort to create the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), which was created to protect Americans against greedy practices of financial services firms. As a U.S. Senator, Warren has built one of the most progressive voting records of any member of either house of Congress.

Warren is running for President, not only to defeat Donald Trump, but to defeat Trumpian political thought as well. Recently, Warren declined an invite by Fox News, a cable television channel devoted to airing pro-Trump political propaganda, to appear at a Fox News town hall event. If it were not for Fox News and the rest of the right-wing political media, Donald Trump would probably not be President today, as I believe that the Republican Party would probably not be quite as far-right as it is today without Fox News and right-wing talk radio.

When it comes to whether or not women are people, Warren believes that women are people. As someone who is strongly pro-choice, Warren has strongly opposed the extreme and barbaric abortion bans that have been passed by state legislatures in multiple states. When it comes to rebuilding America’s middle class, Warren has a plan for that. Warren supports levying a wealth tax on the wealthiest people in America and using the revenue generated from the wealth tax to pay for a plan to cancel student debt, make child care more affordable, and help pay for ambitious proposals, like the Green New Deal and Medicare for All, that are designed to address the worst problems facing our country today.

When it comes to electability, I believe that she can win. Warren provides the strongest possible contrast to Trump’s presidency of lies, deceit, corruption, bigotry, and horrendous policy decisions of anyone seeking the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination. If voters are presented with a choice between four more years of a disastrous Trump presidency and Warren’s strong leadership and progressive vision for America, they’ll choose Warren over Trump, hands down.

I encourage Democratic primary voters and caucus-goers to support Elizabeth Warren’s presidential bid, and her campaign website can be found here.

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