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“I am not part of whatever drug deal Rudy (sic) and Mulvaney are cooking up,”

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House gets dropped on WH’s Ukrainian shadow puppet show in latest #Trumpeachment news, even as WH tries to invalidate the now official inquiry.

I’m Melting!

Wicked witch gets doused because he’s already publicly admitted to the crime.

NY Times reports that Fiona Hill viewed the recall of Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch from Ukraine “as an egregious abuse of the system by allies of Mr. Trump”

She saw the Giuliani operation as a clear counter-intelligence risk to the US.

“She saw wrongdoing related to the Ukraine policy and reported it,” one source said.

Bolton instructed Fiona Hill to notify the chief lawyer for the National Security Council that Giuliani was working with Mick Mulvaney on a rogue operation with legal implications.

Fiona Hill told House impeachment investigators that she had at least two meetings with NSC lawyer John Eisenberg about Rudy Giuliani’s Ukraine efforts, according to a person with direct knowledge of her testimony. Both meetings were at the urging of Bolton.…


“I am not part of whatever drug deal Rudy (sic) and Mulvaney are cooking up,”

“In little more than a month, virtually every other foreign policy initiative the Trump administration has pursued has imploded — thanks mostly to the president’s increasingly unhinged behavior.”

“Corruption is how Putin accesses our system.”

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