I took my first shot of the Pfizer vaccine two days after my birthday. I had my second shot 21 days later, and I am well past the two-week waiting period to be considered fully vaccinated. Now that I have reached that milestone, I am ready for the next public health debate, vaccination passports. Sure, it seems obtrusive to be asked for a pass to eat lunch or see the next Avenger movie, but it comes down to who do you trust to be unmasked around you or your children. Our choices are the conscientious people who wore their masks consistently, stayed home when asked, canceled large Thanksgiving parties and like me, will be attending my granddaughter’s college graduation ceremony a year after she received her diploma.

The alternative is you may be taking a chance with maskless bikers in Sturgis, South Dakota, Spring break beach revelers, and every Karen and Kevin who kicked, and screamed at grocery store cashiers while pledging allegiance to their red hats. Given a choice, I prefer listening to people who considered the health of the nation over a temporary good time. What makes anyone think mask-holes will hesitate to sit next to you unvaccinated. The CDC, although following the edicts of science, may have put the mask before the horse. President Joe Biden yesterday, using the guidance of the CDC told the public that wearing a mask inside and out was no longer necessary if you are fully vaccinated. “If you have been fully vaccinated, you no longer need to wear a mask. Let me repeat, if you are fully vaccinated, you no longer need to wear a mask,” said Biden.

Of course, and as always, the Republican party refuses to accept the country’s victory as a good thing if it has the appearance of a Democratic accomplishment. People like former pro wrestler Tyrus [George Murdoch] who appropriately modeled his character after a dinosaur and Dana Perino immediately ascribed political motives, unable to fathom that some people operate on moral grounds. I guess after four years of orange Mussolini morality is a foreign concept. Like professional wrestling, the fantasy world the GOP finds itself in today is of their own making. Fantastical stories about the three-fifths compromise offered up by white Tennessee lawmaker Rep. Justin Lafferty or denials of violence and death by insurrection. “To call it an insurrection is a bold-face (sic) lie,” said Andrew Clyde (R-GA). The House minority leader, Kevin McCarthy, has repeatedly denied an audience to injured DC police officer Michael Fanone.

Mask wearing was made political by the former administration. No mask has become a part of the MAGA uniform along with a red hat and angry red face. You can literally feel safe with any Democrat from the House you choose to dine with, they are 100% vaccinated. The same assurances cannot be made for Republicans where only 45% report being vaccinated. I am a fan of Joe Biden but his insistence on believing in the honesty of Republicans could sink his presidency. I will wear my mask for a while because the leadership of the GOP is running scared of the former President, and as a result, their followers are willing to kill the rest of us; a former Chief Executive who said to somehow use UV light internally, and whose words led to a couple drinking fish tank cleaner containing hydroxychloroquine. I am with you Joe, but I will stay masked up until a vaccination passport is required.

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  • May 14, 2021