“I AM GOING TO WIN!” Mike Collier, the Democratic Candidate for Texas Lieutenant Governor, says.

Texas Democratic Lieutenant Governor Candidate Mike Collier did not disappoint. He pointed out why he is best for Texas.

Mike Collier could be the next Texas Lieutenant Governor

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Mike Collier was unequivocal, he intends to fight very hard to become the next Texas Lieutenant Governor. Collier recognizes that the Republican-led legislature was derelict with their duties to every Texan. The reality is that they were serving not their constituents but their benefactors. He intends to change all of that.

Collier understands that his plate is full. He has a large list that includes the following.

  • Mike will ensure that hospital closures in rural Texas closing or at risk of closing stay open. He said that is low-hanging fruit as Texas has left billions of dollars on the table my not accepting Medicaid Expansion that all Texans are already paying for now.
  • He intends to ensure schools are funded equitably.
  • Mike intends to get at the root of our crime rise and fix it.
  • Mike said he will ensure that the Legislature does what is necessary to fix the Texas Electrical Grid.

That is just a taste of the issues that Mr. Collier intends to hold by the bull horns and run with it. And this man knows his numbers.

Mike Collier is definitely not like your typical politician. is a “financial watchdog,” and has over two decades of experience as an auditor and an energy expert. Mike built a reputation for rigorous financial analysis, independent decision-making, and a commitment to telling the truth irrespective of consequences.

I reminded Mike that Democrats have not won statewide in a while. I pointed out that Democrats are generally not assertive in their campaigning. He was believably confident.

“I am going to hit them where there are hurting people,” Collier said. “I do believe I am going to win Egberto. Of course, I have a lot of work to do. But when I do you will see other statewide candidates say ‘OK, here is the formula that works.”

I believe him. And yes, I think he has the moxie to win. He can beat current Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick.

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  • February 24, 2022