I am a proud member of the Devil's Army

Replying to Representative Adam Kinzinger’s family, what a sad letter diatribe to send to one of your own.

  • I am a democratic socialist.
  • I am an antifascist.
  • I support gun control.
  • I am a non-theist Buddhist [atheist].
  • I support Extinction Rebellion.
  • I approve of the Green New Deal.
  • I believe in Science.
  • I believe in abortion rights.
  • I believe in social and racial justice.
  • I support Black Lives Matter.
  • I believe in Democracy.
  • I hate conspiracy theories.
  • I think the Orange Mussolini is a shitstain on America.

I have listened to Adam speak, he seems to be the type of conservative you could actually have a reasonable debate with.

I am sorry that he seems to have relatives that should be queueing up for the asylum, I hope he finds refuge from your insanity.

If this is the Devil’s Army then I am a proud  to be a member.

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