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Humanitarian Crisis Report to UN Security Council

Let me begin with this quote:

Conditions are increasingly dire in the shelters; there is no water for hygiene, very few showers and latrines are totally inadequate. Disease outbreak is beginning, with skin infections, scabies and others. There are thousands of pregnant women in our schools, deliveries are precarious and we are sheltering newborn infants in these appalling conditions.

Sounds like fun, doesn't it?  Yes, that was sarcasm – DEEP sarcasm.  This quote describes human suffering on an unbelievable scale.  Nearly a quarter of a million people are living under these conditions.  And they are the lucky ones.  They have survived the artillery barrages, the rockets, the mortars, and the tank shells and were able to make their way to a UN shelter.  Not that the shelters are completely safe.  The Israeli army has attacked these shelters – defenseless and packed with civilians.
Also from the report:

Yesterday, an elementary girls school in Jabalya serving as a designated emergency shelter for displaced people received artillery strikes, which we have assessed to have been fired by the Israeli military. The precise location and coordinates of the school were conveyed on 17 occasions to the Israeli military, including a notification that the school was sheltering displaced persons. The displaced were instructed by the Israeli military to evacuate their homes and seek shelter in premises such as ours, and I reiterate my condemnation of this attack in the strongest terms, reiterate also that it was a serious violation of international law, and call for accountability, including the immediate launching of a transparent investigation by Israel and to share its findings.

Get your barf bucket handy – there is more sickening content to come.

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