Human Traffic Arrests.. One, undocumented. The rest I guess were considered fine upstanding citizens


Another lie to build a wall that won’t work.  This came from my county and neighboring counties in Florida.   


A two-year long investigation into a Human Trafficking case originating in Hernando County has resulted in the arrest of nine individuals statewide.

The arrests were conducted Thursday by Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) agents with assistance from multiple local law enforcement agencies.

This child is 16 years old  and  scarred for life.   These men have been accused and arrested with only one illegal alien which includes restaurant owner, firefighter, and nurses.  

The Human Trafficking charges were the result of an investigation into an anonymous tip regarding individuals responding to a specific online ad posted on various internet sites offering sex for money.

Investigators were able to identify an adult individual, serving in a parental role, who was offering the services of a female juvenile in her mid-teens to anyone willing to pay for sex. The identity of the adult is not being released to protect the identity of the victim.

Those arrest include:

  • Luigi Barile W/M 04-10-1981 – Spring Hill – Arrested in Hernando County; Owner of Chefs of Napoli
  • Matthew Christopher Doyle W/M DOB/03-11-1980 – Spring Hill – Arrested Hernando County; Employed full-time by East Lake Fire Rescue as a Lieutenant; Employed part-time by Bayfront Health Brooksville as a Registered Nurse
  • Joseph Andrew Easton W/M DOB/10-12-1994 – Inverness – Arrested in Citrus County
  • Bryan Joseph Giguire W/M DOB/03-03-1973 – Homosassa – Arrested in Citrus County; Power DMS – Southeast Florida Regional Sales Manager
  • James William Hancock W/M DOB/03-22-1952 – Delray Beach – Arrested in Palm Beach County
  • Shawn Christopher Henson W/M DOB/03-13-1980 – Newberry – Arrested in Gilchrist County
  • Latchman Kaladeen B/M DOB/04-12-1970 – Wesley Chapel – Arrested in Pasco County; Active ICE Detainer
  • Lawrence Edward Kemble W/M DOB/06-10-1948 – Ocala – Arrested in Marion County; Retired Postal Inspector (2003) – Sussex County, New Jersey
  • Jason Michael Raulerson W/M DOB/02-10-1973 – High Springs – Arrested in Alachua County

All nine men arrested are charged as follows:  The 10th was the guardian of the 16 year old.

  • Conspiracy to Commit Human Trafficking – $500,000 bond
  • Unlawful Use of a Two-Way Communication Device – $50,000 bond
  • Lewd and Lascivious Battery – $100,000 bond.
  • Human Trafficking – No bond
  • Conspiracy to Commit Human Trafficking – $500,000 bond
  • Unlawful Use of a Two-Way Communication Device – $50,000 bond
  • Lewd and Lascivious Battery – $100,000 bond.

Well, it seems these were all citizens with the exception of one and most in the reddest part of Florida.

I hope this get brought up by our candidates because these folks had jobs that put our children at risk.  Only one was an illegal immigrant.  Tell us again how only illegal aliens and people crossing the border are doing this stuff.    

Kudos to Florida Dept of Law Enforcement for holding up their pictures. 

There may be many other fine upstanding gun totin people involved in hurting this child. (snark)

  • May 20, 2019
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