Howdy Doody is making Buffalo Bob look like a fool here in Doodyville. Putin is Buffalo Bob.

Some of you are too young to remember, It’s “Howdy Doody time”.  At all times Buffalo Bob had control of Howdy Doody.  Howdy Doody never went rogue, broke the strings and made Buffalo Bob look like a fool and tried to create his own puppeteer show controlling other stringed marionettes, like Lindsay Graham.   

I pondered  about that Putin/Trump relationship this morning and wondered just how Putin is feeling about his puppet filing frivoulous lawsuits, firing his appointees for during their jobs, tweeting out loud how he was King of the mountain while  whining and holding the stage when the audience is emptying and ready for this silly puppet to leave so they could get on with another, more serious true to life drama that was dealing with true to life tragedies of a pandemic and economic issues. 

The people waiting outside the arena has paid their ticket with their vote at the ballot  box and the puppet and his disturbed fans in the peanut gallery as it was called forthe Howdy Doody Show  were holding up the people who had paid for him to leave,  His show was cancelled.

I just wonder how a man, evil and  KGB educated as Vlad feels knowing that his  Howdy Doody has made him and his whole production company look like a fool.  He is turning every player in his corner into a Giuliani and especially Putin.  The world is looking at Vlad as a clown and knew he had lost  control as puppeteer because he picked the wrong puppet.  He picked one that would make him look as foolish as Rudy.  Yes, Putin wanted to create chaos and confusion but he wanted to remain a dignified autocrat, a dictator, a strongman, not a fool running around looking for broken strings.


I personally think Putin is upset with old Orange man and fuming for failing and underestimated our democracy.   His out control puppet also want to attack his ally,  Iran is Russia’s friend and I don’t think this makes Putin proud.  I feel his anger may be stronger since, 

The outgoing president reportedly asked for options on bombing Iran as administration eyes last chance to achieve objectives…

Currently Russia and Iran act as economic partners to one another, since both countries are under sanctions by much of the Western world.…

the fall of the Soviet Union, the two neighboring nations have generally enjoyed very close cordial relations. Iran and Russia are strategic allies.

I also feel he is feeling like a failure and very very foolish as he as well is battling a pandemic.  Ahhh… for the day of Howdy Doody and Buffalo Bob, when they knew when the show was over.  you know , when Howdy Doody was controlled by Buffalo Bob  and Howdy Doody was not making The pupper master look like Clara Bell ( another puppet) or in this case, just another Rudy Giuliani. For people unfamiliar with the show, Buffalo Bob had a mayor of Doody ville as well.

This is where people look in that direction and point and laugh.

Russia, if you are listening…I hope you pull your puppet offstage soon and tell him, “ It’s over”.  You are looking like Rudy more and more each day to the rest of the world Vlad.  Putin, you were always an evil man but only Trump could turn you into a clown when he felt he was a better Puppetmaster, the best and most beautiful.

I found this from the AP from 2016..a very funny article.


By FRAZIER MOOREJune 17, 2016

NEW YORK (AP) — A former NBC star and offbeat candidate for president soon will be saluted on COZI TV .

No, not Donald Trump. It’s Howdy Doody, the redheaded, freckle-faced marionette born at the dawn of television. He will star in a Fourth of July marathon, the network announced Friday.

The lineup, which begins at 9 a.m. EDT, will include nine episodes of the pioneering “The Howdy Doody Show,” including its poignant series finale, which aired on Sept. 24, 1960.…

Wouldn’t you just hate for your legacyin the history books to be

45th President was an Evil Howdy Doody?   That will only be if history is kind to him.

  • November 18, 2020