So Howard Schultz’s quixotic non-campaign has so far proved to be about as necessary and welcome as a Starbucks inside a Starbucks restroom.

And if a recent poll is any indication, it is a venti bad idea indeed.

Change Research has come out with a new poll, and Schultz’s favorability among the electorate as a whole? Four percent.

And that’s not all. A whopping 40 percent view him unfavorably.

Among Democrats, his numbers (unsurprisingly) are even more dismal:

  • Schultz is less known to the electorate than other declared and potential presidential candidates (56% have never heard of him or don’t have an opinion). Among those who have an opinion, just 4% view him favorably compared to 40% unfavorably — a 10:1 unfavorable to favorable ratio, far higher than any other candidate tested (for comparison, 52% of respondents rate President Trump unfavorably vs. 42% favorably).
  • Schultz is viewed unfavorably by Democrats (50% unfavorable — 4% favorable), Republicans (43% unfavorable — 4% favorable), and Independents (31% unfavorable — 4% favorable).

That said, the poll suggests Schultz could give a big boost to Donald Trump if he decides to run as an independent (i.e., if his ego is as big as his bank account).

Change Research tested several scenarios and found that Schultz would take an average of four points away from a Democrat while taking just one point away from Trump. And in every three-way matchup against anyone but Joe Biden, Trump would receive plurality support.

In addition:

  • In every two-way matchup except against Biden (who once again has a significant lead), the Democrat narrowly leads President Trump. A Schultz candidacy could pull more from the Democratic nominee than the Republican nominee if held today.
  • While Schultz voters are disproportionately Independent, they are also more likely to be Democrats than Republicans.

So in the immortal words of Donald Trump’s doppelgänger, Biff Tannen: Why don’t you make like a tree and get out of here, Howard?


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