How We Feel. I Found This To Be An Accurate Summary

Why we are looking for something else rather than more of the same:…

And yet, I found it hard to be shocked by some of the revelations of the Panama Papers. The revelation that Putin might have a fortune hidden away in offshore accounts in the names of his friends doesn’t surprise me if I’m honest. I imagine I’m not alone in feeling like this – it’s yet another story detailing the many unjust advantages enjoyed by the rich.

In particular, I think I am not alone among members of Generation Y. As a recent Guardian investigation revealed, millennials (those aged 20-35) are particularly frustrated with the political and economic status quo, with one study finding that the key reason offered by young people about why they are disenchanted with democracy being that it “only serves the interest of the few”.

So it doesn’t come as a surprise to us, nor I imagine to older generations, that leaders are out for themselves, that some wealthy people do immoral, or possibly illegal, things to make more money for themselves and keep as much of it out of the communal pot as possible. It’s easy to get blase about what are extraordinary revelations, and to dismiss them with a world-weary shrug of the shoulders.

The question is, for how much longer we a ready to keeping putting up with this scam.

When do we start to question what a democracy really is, or do we always just chose the least objectionable?

When we do have a moment to breath do we even have the time and energy to protest once we have dealt with the rest?

Some worry about tone and passion.

I worry much more about disaffection and dispassion.